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Landowner and hunter shaking hands

Hunt It's up to us. Respect access. Protect the hunt.

Ethical hunting ensures we get to keep doing what we love.

In Montana, successful hunts often rely on good relationships and positive interactions with private landowners. Many of Montana’s game species depend on private lands for habitat. A significant amount of the hunting opportunity we have is due in large part to the work and stewardship of private landowners.


  • Hunting private land is a privilege.

  • Respecting private land and building relationships with landowners protects hunting access opportunities.

  • Ethical, fair-chase hunting protects the future of hunting.

  • Ask first to hunt, fish, and recreate on private land.

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It’s up to us. Respect access. Protect the hunt.

Below you’ll find helpful tips and some great information in planning your hunt.

A Landowner's Perspective

Here are some things to keep in mind when hunting on private land.

Hunter Ethics

Be considerate when hunting on private land. Private land is an extension of someone's home. Please respect private property.


Hunter Resources

Hunter Access

Block Management, Upland Game Bird Enhancement, and other access opportunities

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