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Education > Montana WILD Scheduling a Meeting Room

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any more meeting room requests for the dates September 10 – November 15 and April 15 – June 12 during the hours of 8 a.m – 3 p.m. These dates and times need to remain open and available for school and youth groups. 

Technology updates

At this time, we do not have microphones or webcams available.

We have a laptop that is connected to both a sound system and a projector that you may use to project presentations. You cannot plug a personal computer into this system. You will be able to utilize guest Wi-Fi. 

Who may use the center

  • Educational Groups: All schools are welcome to visit the center, but Montana WILD only provides formalized programs for 4th-12th grades. Visit our educator resources page to learn more.

  • Other Groups: Our large meeting room, the Yannone Auditorium, may be reserved by state agencies and other nonprofit organizations whose mission focus is on conservation and/or education. This is the only space in the building that can be reserved by groups.

Room use policies

  • One time room users must fill this form out and drop it off at Montana WILD when they pick up a key card.
  • If your meeting is after hours, you must plan to pick up a key during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:45pm) 
  • Meeting rooms may not be reserved for more than two consecutive days.
  • After hours meetings will have access to bathrooms and drinking fountains, but not to the exhibit hall. 
  • Groups are responsible for their own set up and tear down.
  • Organizations may have food and non-alcoholic beverages but they must stay in the auditorium. 
  • For questions about the auditorium, contact Jeanne.

Sorry, we cannot schedule the following events:

  • Fundraisers

  • Social events (e.g., weddings, parties, memorials, luncheons, dinners, etc.)

  • Events where alcohol is being served

Due to the funding sources used in construction and operation of the facility, its use is restricted to only those activities associated with fisheries or wildlife education/management and/or promoting outdoor recreation. We also cannot permit use of the meeting rooms that involve the following activities:

  • Law enforcement activities;

  • State agency public relations activities that involve any of the below;

    • involves ‘self-aggrandizement’ or ‘puffery’ of the agency, its personnel, or activities;

    • is ‘purely partisan in nature’ (i.e., it is ‘designed to aid a political party or candidate’); or,

    • is ‘covert propaganda’ (i.e., the communication does not reveal that government appropriations were expended to produce it).

  • Fundraising activities;

  • Activities, projects, or programs that promote or encourage opposition to the regulated taking of fish, hunting, or the trapping of wildlife; or 

  • Activities that directly or indirectly assist a campaign for election of a person to an office or promote or oppose a ballot proposition.

To reserve the meeting room, visit our calendar to view availability and click "Make a Reservation". Then simply click on a date and time you would like to reserve and fill out the required infomation. A member of our staff will review the reservation and be in contact.