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Montana WILD Distance Learning

About the Program

Montana WILD & Inspired Classroom Distance Learning Program is a problem-solving project hosted on a virtual platform.

Students participate in two interactive Livestream events allowing them to interact with wildlife biologists and other conservation specialists. Students walk through the steps of problem-solving as they react to a real-world scenario. As they research, brainstorm, apply criteria, develop action plans and submit solutions for review, students are critically thinking and developing real-world skills.

Teachers can embed the program into their curriculum any way they choose—use it as a whole class, student teams, or independent project.


Wildlife Wednesday

Our weekly video series about all things wildlife

You can find this educational and entertaining video series on our social media pages and youtube, with new episodes every week.


In this video, Corie explains the differences between horns and antlers.

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Outdoor Report

FWP's report on fascinating outdoor stories across Montana

Winston Greely covers topics all over Montana, ranging from the big-ticket items like grizzly bears and mountain lions, to under-the-radar topics like chimney swifts and a look into life as a warden or wildlife biologist. 

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