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A bighorn sheep in tall grass.

Conservation: Wildlife Management Living With Wildlife

About the Program

We help landowners maintain or improve wildlife habitats on private lands, while avoiding and reducing conflicts.


Montana is one big community of people and wildlife all sharing its magnificent mountains, plains, forests and rivers. The Landowner/Wildlife Resources Program lends a helping hand across private and public land boundaries. We also share and promote wildlife-friendly solutions through community tours and demonstration areas.


  • Increase appreciation and tolerance of wildlife on private lands.
  • Take proactive measures to avoid or reduce wildlife damage.
  • Help wildlife migrate and find the shelter and food they need to survive.
  • Assure a bright future for Montana‚Äôs hunting and wildlife heritage.
  • Preserve and enhance traditional agriculture on the landscape.

What we do to help

We seek win-win solutions for landowners to coexist with wildlife. We offer:

  • Technical assistance and staff support on projects designed to reduce wildlife impacts, improve habitat, and resolve conflicts with wildlife.
  • Help for municipalities to reduce urban wildlife conflicts.
  • Support through the Living with Wildlife Grants Program, the Game Damage Wildlife Incident Information System, and a technical library.
  • Resources for Montana, Fish, Wildlife & Parks land managers, wardens and biologists.


FWP Wildlife Division

(406) 444-2612

Or your regional FWP office