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Grizzly bear

Conservation > Species > Bear Contact FWP Bear Managers

Montana has dedicated staff who respond to bear conflicts and collaborate with the public to prevent conflicts.

Report conflicts to one of the nearest FWP bear management specialists listed below. 

Seeing a bear is not necessarily a reportable encounter or an emergency. Report encounters where the bear displayed aggressive or defensive behavior toward people, livestock or pets, or damaged property.

Grizzly bears are a federally protected species and conflict response is primarily conducted by state wildlife agencies, tribes, and USDA Wildlife Services under the authority of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

It is illegal to harm, harass, or kill grizzly bears, except in cases of self defense or the defense of others.


FWP Wildlife Management Specialists

Kim Annis

Libby (406) 291-1320

Tim Manley

Kalispell (406) 250-1265

Erik Wenum

Kalispell (406) 250-0062

Jamie Jonkel

Missoula (406) 542-5508

Eli Hampson

Missoula (406) 210-3213

Kevin Frey

Bozeman (406) 577-7876

Jeremiah Smith

Bozeman (406) 577-7877

Chad White

Choteau (406) 466-5100

Wesley Sarmento

Conrad (406) 450-1097

Rory Trimbo

Deer Lodge (406) 465-9343

Kylie Kembel

Billings (406) 850-1131