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Comments on the following proposals will be accepted until Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Comments can be submitted online below or by email to

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Proposals for Public Comment

Below you can comment on the proposed 2022-2023 statewide and regional hunting regulation proposals. 


The Fish and Wildlife Commission approved for public comment some broad changes to the 2022/2023 elk regulations. These proposed changes are focused on areas where elk are most over population objectives.  

These different proposals are described at the hunting district level here and in more detail in each of the regional sections below.

Changes include consolidation of hunting districts and adjustments to hunting district boundaries, changes to licenses and permits, and adjustments to quotas. It’s important to note here that these proposals are for hunting districts that may have different boundaries and numbers than in years past. The combination or realignment of hunting districts is part of the proposal to the public.

Some broad changes reflected in the proposals below include:

Archery-only permit proposal

Unbundle and remove the 900-20 archery-only either-sex permits in HDs 401, 403, 411, 412, 426, 447, 450, 455, 500, 502, 510, 511, 520, 530, 570, 575, 580, 590, 701, 702, 704, and 705.

Make those hunting districts or combination of hunting districts either general season or unlimited archery-only permits as follows (note, some of these hunting districts are new):

  • HD 401:  general license

  • HD 403:  general license

  • HDs 411/412:  unlimited archery-only permits

  • HD s 417/426:  unlimited archery-only permits

  • HD 447:  unlimited archery-only permits

  • HD 450:  general license

  • HD 455:  unlimited archery-only permits

  • New proposed HD 515:  general license

  • HDs 502/new proposed 535/new proposed 555/590/existing portion of 701:  unlimited archery-only permits 

  • HD 575:  general license

  • HD 580:  general license

  • HDs 702/704/705:  unlimited archery-only permits

Comment online:

Either-sex elk permit proposal

In hunting districts 411, 417, 426, 535, 590, 702, 704, 705, the commission approved the current season structure but proposed to increase either-sex elk firearm permits by 50% as follows:

  • HD 411/new proposed HD 535:  300 to 450 permits

  • HD 417:  225 to 340 permits

  • HD 426:  60 to 90 permits

  • HD 590:  250 to 380 permits

  • HDs 702/704/705:  225 to 340 permits

Comment online:

Antlerless B license proposal

The commission proposes to add a new statewide, unlimited antlerless B license valid on private land in elk hunting districts that are greater than 200% above objective. These licenses would be available over the counter and would be valid during any open elk season in those districts.  These licenses would be valid through Feb. 15.

For 2022, the hunting districts these licenses would be available for are:  

  • HD 260

  • HD 411/535 (new)

  • HD 417

  • HD 426

  • HD 450

  • HD 515 new

  • HD 575

  • HD 580

  • HD 590

  • HD 690

  • HD 700

  • HD 702/704/705

Comment online:

Elk permit proposal

The commission is seeking comment on a proposal that would make permits for either-sex elk or brow-tined bull-antlerless elk valid for antlered elk within only the designated HD for the period identified on the permit.  Antlerless elk hunting will not be limited by the permit.  A general license may be used to hunt in any open district during dates outside of that identified on the permit.

Comment online:

Region 1: Northwest Montana

Region 2: West-central Montana

Region 3: Southwest Montana

Region 4: North-central Montana

Region 5: South-central Montana

Region 6: Northeast Montana

Region 7: Southeast Montana