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An elk on a hillside.

About FWP: Access Crossing the Barriers

Improving Access to Montana's Outdoor Recreation

Crossing the Barriers wheelchair access to recreational opportunities

Montana's natural resources and scenic beauty provide an array of recreational opportunities for its able-bodied citizens and for visitors from around the world.

For some, however, barriers to accessibility exist. Since 1989, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has worked to remove barriers to create an accessible outdoor experience for all. For people with disabilities, barriers can limit the chance to enjoy Montana's great outdoors. Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, guarantee Montanans and visitors the right to equal access.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks seeks to ensure that its programs, services, and activities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks provides many representative recreational opportunities.

FWP's Crossing the Barriers Implementation Plan reflects both the progress made and the challenges that remain as the agency continues to work to ensure that FWP sites and programs are available to everyone. FWP can boast that Crossing the Barriers has created accessibility at every FWP regional headquarters, fish hatchery visitor centers, many fishing access sites and state parks.

Montana's success directly results from the dedication of a number of private citizens whose desire and sheer force of will has helped Crossing the Barriers to become an important part of FWP's daily operations.

FWP's goal is continual improvement and full access to FWP sites and programs.

FWP welcomes your ideas, support, and volunteer efforts aimed at Crossing the Barriers in Montana.