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System Requirements

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

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You may experience difficulties downloading documents or using some pages if your browser or other tools are not up-to-date. If you have these applications and you are having problems try DOWNLOADING and INSTALLING the latest version. Please refer to each Web site for download and installation instructions. If you still have issues, please contact us and give us as much information about the page you are on (please provide the URL) and what you are trying to do.


There are many browsers available and we cannot ensure that our site will work well on all of them. You can download the browsers we do support free below:

Internet Explorer
Windows Internet Explorer — Version 7 and above.

PDF documents

Adobe Reader

In order to view any pdf documents you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download it for free from the Adobe Reader Web site .


eBooks Icon

An eBook is a digital, graphical representation of a book which allows you to browse in a more natural, and fun, fashion. You can flip through pages much like a real book. You can even download any eBook to view when you are offline.

Flash is required to view eBooks. See Flash player information below.

Note: The download feature of eBooks does not work with Internet Explorer at this time. We are expecting a solution in the near future. In the mean time, feel free to use an of the other browsers (above) if you want to download the document.


Many of the forms and surveys that we use on are powered by Survey Monkey. It you have any techincal difficulties please review their browser and setting requirements to be sure you have the appropriate software and settings.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player

Several pages require or work best with Adobe Flash. You can download the latest version free from the Adobe Web site .

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Quick Time Player

Many videos on this site require Quick Time in order to play them. You can download it free from the Apple Web site .

Use the links below for help with QuickTime:

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YouTube icon and link

We are now putting our Outdoor Reports and other videos on YouTube. These videos are embedded on our pages. If you get a permission error trying to view a video you probably have access to YouTube blocked on your computer. If you are a state employee you will need to get your security officer to unblock YouTube in order to view the video.


To listen to streaming audio, such as the Commission Meetings page, you need to have Flash installed. See the download for Flash above.

Wifi Access in Helena

Wifi is available at Helena Headquarters and Montana Wild, but you need a guest pass.

Follow the steps to get your guest pass and log in from either building.

Pop Ups

Several programs on this site open in a new window so you must allow Pop Ups for these to function:

Connection Speed

Your internet connect speed can greatly affect download of files and videos. If you have dial-up, please be aware that downloading large files can be very slow. For instance, a 10 MB file can take a half hour to an hour to download on dial-up. Many large files on our site are available to download in smaller chunks. Downloading the smaller pieces may be less problematic if you are on dial-up.