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Welcome to FWP Region 7

Fish, Wildlife and Park's, Region 7 is located in southeastern Montana. The region continues to be known for its hunting and fishing opportunities with small towns and friendly people. The landscape is a prairie environment with rolling grass-covered hills, badland buttes, ponderosa pine-covered expanses and river drainages with groves of cottonwood trees bordering agricultural fields. 75% of the land base is privately owned so most recreational opportunities involve landowner cooperation and permission.

The region provides excellent mule deer and antelope hunting. Upland game bird and waterfowl opportunities are available. Fishing in ponds/reservoirs and 3 major rivers, the Missouri, Yellowstone and Tongue, provide a unique warm water fishing experience. The paddlefish season in the spring is only available in eastern Montana. Wildlife can be viewed in many locations across the landscape.

The region has 6 state parks, 4 wildlife management areas and numerous fishing access sites for your enjoyment. Bring the family for a summer vacation or fall hunting trip and experience the beauty and wildlife of the region.

Recent Region 7 News

Warm-weather care of big game


Early-season hunts are often accompanied by warmer temperatures, which makes caring for the meat in the field that much more critical. Following are some hints from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to help make sure your meat retains its quality and is safe for consumption.

(Region 7 - Hunting)

Block Management: Behind the Scenes of Region 7's Huge Access Program


Telephones at the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 7 headquarters were ringing off the hook Monday morning, with sportsmen and women looking to secure reservations on Block Management Areas. It was the first day people could get contact information for landowners participating in the region’s Block Management Program and line up dates to hunt this fall.

(Region 7 - Hunting)

FWP Helps with Raptor Rescue


Thanks to a concerned landowner in the Yellowstone Valley, an apparently ailing juvenile red-tailed hawk is at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman for rehabilitation and possibly release into the wild.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife)

Black bear hunters must keep the meat


Bear meat, or the meat from any other big game animal, cannot be wasted, or allowed in any way to become unfit for human consumption, unless it is infected with trichinella.

(Region 7 - Hunting)

Big game forecast 2016: A look into what hunters can expect around the region


As summer begins to wind down, hunting season in Montana is about to heat up. Taking to the woods with rifle or bow in hand is a hallowed tradition in our state. Secret spots are held sacred -- passed down from father or mother to daughter or son only in whispers or, better yet, the experience of a long day afield. And while we can’t give you any insight into a new secret spot, we can give you a good idea of what animal populations are like across the state, recognizing of course the value of a day spent hunting Montana’s most majestic wildlife is never directed by population estimates alone.

(Region 7 - Hunting)