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Citizens Advisory Council for Region 7

Citizen Advisory Committees (CAC) in each region will help Fish, Wildlife & Parks to be responsive and responsible public-resource managers. Citizen advisors can help the department operate efficiently and effectively within the constraints of state law, Fish & Wildlife Commission rules and department policy. While CAC recommendations are welcome, the primary role of the group is to offer informed advice to the department and to participate in honest, open and respectful dialog. Recommendation and advice must be legal, in accordance with policy, and fiscally responsible. The CAC will be strictly advisory, and recommendations are neither legally nor administratively binding.


William Kesinger

P.O. Box 708
Baker, MT 59313

(406) 778-3284

Term ends: January 1, 2014


Arthur Hayes III

P.O. Box 588
Birney, MT 59012

(406) 984-6221

Term ends: January 1, 2014


Warren Broeder

109 Georgetown Drive
Glendive, MT 59330

(406) 377-4437

Term ends: January 1, 2014

Brett Hoagland

P.O. Box 95
Glendive, MT 59330

(406) 687-3004

Term ends: January 1, 2012

Miles City

Dan R. Fox

135 Sand Creek Road
Miles City, MT 59301

(406) 234-0209

Term ends: January 1, 2014

George Luther

PO Box 1745
Miles City, MT 59301

Term ends: January 1, 2014


Gregory Mohr

1809 14th Street SW
Sidney, MT 59270

(406) 488-1166

Term ends: January 1, 2014


Robert Hagedorn

118 Camp Creek Road
Volborg, MT 59351

(406) 554-3413

Term ends: January 1, 2014