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Welcome to FWP Region 5

Bordered by the Beartooth and Crazy mountains in the southwest and the prairies to the east, Region 5 is a land of contrast.

The area's 5 state parks offer opportunities from visiting archaeological sites, to boating and fishing, blacktailed prairie dog viewing, and an exploration of the home of the last chief of the Crow Indians.

Recreation opportunities abound on the Yellowstone, Stillwater, Bighorn, and Boulder Rivers. Fisherman cast their lines for Yellowstone cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout; smallmouth bass; and channel catfish. Boaters enjoy a leisurely float or maneuver the class IV rapids on the Stillwater River.

A variety of upland game birds, deer, and antelope on the prairies to the east, and bear and elk in the mountains offers a diversity of hunting opportunities.

Hikers in the vast Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness enjoy the scenery and abundant wildlife including bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, elk, and bears. An array of high mountain lakes offers beautiful vistas and fishing holes for cutthroat, rainbow, brook, and golden trout.

Bighorn Lake Live Bait Fish Import Permit

This permit allows anglers to legally transport live bait fish across the Wyoming state line into Montana for use while fishing the Montana portion of Bighorn Lake. Live bait fish may be obtained from a licensed bait dealer in Wyoming authorized to sell bait fish for use in the Wind/Bighorn Drainage in Wyoming or with a Wyoming seining/trapping permit valid for the waters listed on the permit. This permit also allows Montana anglers to transport legally obtained live bait fish from Montana down through Wyoming and back into Montana for use in the Montana portion of Bighorn Lake as long as the import restrictions on the permit are followed.

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Recent Region 5 News

South central Montana hunter numbers down; game harvest steady

Mon Nov 13 15:14:00 MST 2017

The number of hunters who stopped this past weekend at Fish, Wildlife and Parks check stations in south central Montana was down from a year ago. But the deer and elk numbers were strong overall for the fourth weekend of the general big-game hunting season.

(Region 5 - Hunting)

High-country snow slows south central Montana hunting, deer harvest

Mon Nov 06 15:37:40 MST 2017

Widespread snow that accumulated to two feet in the high country kept many hunters at home over the weekend, leading a near-record low turnout at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks check stations in south central Montana. The number of checked animals – particularly deer – reflected the fact that fewer hunters took to the field during the third weekend of the 2017 general big game season.

(Region 5 - Hunting)

South central Montana hunter numbers, deer harvest down

Mon Oct 30 14:23:16 MDT 2017

The number of hunters who stopped at Fish, Wildlife and Parks check stations in south central Montana during the first two weekends of the 2017 general big-game season was down from last year. The deer harvest also was lower than in 2016, but the number of checked elk was up sharply from a year ago.

(Region 5 - Hunting)