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Welcome to FWP Region 3

FWP's administrative Region 3 is located in southwest Montana and includes the counties of Beaverhead, Broadwater, Gallatin, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Madison, Park, Silver Bow, and part of Deer Lodge. Region 3 encompasses 18,089 square miles, which is more than 12% of the total land area of Montana. About 60% of the region is made up of public lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.

Southwest Montana is made up of broad valleys comprised of prairie habitats of grasslands, sagebrush, and wooded riparian areas rising to foothills and mountains as high as 11,000 feet in elevation. Most of the lower lands are privately-owned, while most of the higher reaches are federally-owned by the U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management.

Region 3 is home to 9 state parks, including Montana's oldest—Lewis and Clark Caverns—and Bannack State Park, the site of the first Territorial Capital. The region is headwaters to some of the most renowned trout rivers in the U.S., including the Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson, upper Missouri, upper Yellowstone, Beaverhead, and Big Hole. About 26% of Montana's angling takes place in Region 3, and the region boasts 95 fishing access sites. Big game hunting is a major draw in southwest Montana. Approximately 50% of the elk harvest in the entire state happens in Region 3.

Recent Region 3 News

Region 3 (SW Montana) Final Weekend Check Station Data

Mon Nov 27 15:00:27 MST 2017

The general deer and elk season came to an end Sunday with fewer hunters venturing into the field over the weekend amid a stint of warmer weather and melting snow. Still, many hunters saw success, especially in the easternmost part of the region.

(Region 3 - Hunting)

Charges Filed in Butte Pit Deer Poaching Case

Mon Nov 20 10:28:33 MST 2017

Last week, a series of charges were filed against 19-year-old Tanner Maloney of Butte in a case involving the illegal killing of a large mule deer buck known to spend most of its time on the outskirts of the Berkeley Pit.

(Region 3 - Enforcement)

Region 3 (SW Montana) Check Station Data for Weekend #4 2017

Wed Nov 15 11:06:35 MST 2017

Recent snow created greater movement of animals and kept hunter harvest steady in the past week. Staff and volunteers met with 1,413 hunters stopping at check stations around the region over the weekend.

(Region 3 - Hunting)