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Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee

Many organized groups are vitally interested in Montana's fish, wildlife, and parks resources. These groups have become more specialized in their interests, making it a challenge for FWP to gather broad input on issues. Especially at the regional level, FWP has an increasing need to more fully involve citizens, sportsmen and sportswomen and non-traditional constituents in decision making, policy development and communication based on regard for the resource, mutual respect and personal relationships. An advisory committee comprised of key citizens can help the department achieve its goals by serving two main functions: providing the agency with information, ideas, emerging trends and initiatives from the public in a setting that welcomes diverse interests, and providing a vehicle for FWP to inform key citizens - with the expectation that they will in turn inform the broader public.

Recruiting New CAC Members

FWP will be recruiting new CAC members again in July 2020.

FWP Region 2 is recruiting new CAC members through July 24, 2020.

Download the application below, or if you have any questions, please contact FWP at (406) 542-5500 or email Vivaca Crowser