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Black Lake

September 27-28, 2007

Black Lake in the late afternoon after rotenone treatment

Regional Fisheries crews completed the rotenone project on Black Lake in the Jewel Basin Hiking Area on September 28, 2007. The project went very well and it appears that a very effective kill of the hybrid trout was obtained.

Equipment, including a boat/motor, rubber raft, rotenone barrels, and application gear, was flown in by helicopter and sling on September 25th. Weather was unsuitable for the air-drop of rotenone on September 26th. On September 27th, a single engine air tanker (SEAT Plane) dropped 1,260 gallons of rotenone in three drops into Black Lake.

Crews then distributed 210 gallons of rotenone using a boat/motor with a nozzle set-up. Crews also applied rotenone to a small lake just downstream from Black Lake. A number of drip stations were set up and operated for 8 hours on small tributaries around Black Lake and in the stream below the lake.

Fish began dying almost immediately upon application of the rotenone. Based on observations along the shoreline and across the lake surface, a very thorough kill was obtained. Trout from fingerling size up to 18 inches were noted. The majority of the fish sank quickly to the bottom of the lake. Fish along the shoreline were collected and transported off-shore to be sunk to the bottom.

On September 28, all equipment, barrels, and tools were sling-lifted out of the area. Crews walked in and out during the project. Visitors to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area adhered to the trail closures and no members of the public were in the area during the project. A two-person film crew was allowed to film the project.

View photos of treatment at Black Lake: