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Blackfoot Lake

October 8, 2007

Blackfoot Lake, Jewel Basin Area

Regional Fisheries crews completed the rotenone project on Blackfoot Lake in the Jewel Basin in a single day on October 8, 2007.

Treatment included boat application of 65 gallons of rotenone lake-wide. Three drip stations and backpack spray applications were used to distribute an additional two gallons of rotenone in three inlet tributaries. A relatively small amount of rotenone was needed for this lake due to its small water volume.

Four helicopter flights transported the boat, rotenone barrels, and other equipment to the site.

Blackfoot Lake supported one of the highest levels of rainbow trout hybridization in the South Fork Flathead Drainage. Hybrid trout ranging in size from fry to 18 inches were noted. Many fish sank to the bottom after treatment. Other fish were gathered and sunk. These fish will provide nutrients to the food chain and a basis for the re-establishment of a westslope cutthroat fishery beginning next summer.

View photos of treatment at Blackfoot Lake: