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Northwest Montana is known for its lakes and rivers, featuring two-thirds of all the recreational waters and one third of all registered boats in the state. Over 500 lakes support fish, ranging from 125,000-acre Flathead Lake, the largest lake west of the Great Lakes, to hundreds of high mountain lakes. More than 3,000 miles of fishable stream flow through the Region. Sensitive native fish species, including the westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and red-band rainbow trout, reside in the waters of Region One. Important wildlife species include grizzly and black bear bears, mountain lion, white-tailed deer, three species of mountain grouse, and furbearers such as marten and wolverine. Region One provides about half of the black bear and mountain lion harvest in the state. The white-tailed deer is the most popular big game animal pursued by hunters.

Varied land ownerships and agency responsibilities make for challenging natural resource management in the Region, which is bound by the Flathead Indian Reservation to the south, and Glacier National Park to the north. Millions of acres of national forest wilderness and hundreds of thousands of acres of corporate timberlands are found in Region One as well. FWP, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, and various local, state, and federal agencies work together to manage habitat and wildlife. The state and tribes have unique agreements to co-manage fisheries in Flathead Lake, and fishing and hunting on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Recent Region 1 News

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved removing the angling creel limits for Koessler Lake in the South Fork of the Flathead River Drainage effective immediately through August 31. The effort is a part of the South Fork Flathead Westslope Cutthroat Conservation Project. Koessler Lake will be treated in September to remove hybrid trout, and then restocked with pure westslope cutthroat trout next summer. This regulation change allows anglers to remove as many fish as possible this summer prior to the treatment.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/14/2014)
The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission proposes to amend boating rules on a section of the Whitefish River; the comment period has been extended to August 8. Currently the Whitefish River has a no wake restriction from the outlet of Whitefish Lake to the JP Bridge. The City of Whitefish submitted the original petition to the Fish and Wildlife Commission to restrict motorized boating year round. The Commission initiated rulemaking and public comment was taken from March 13-April 18. At its June 12 meeting, the Commission did not adopt that proposal, and instead is proposing an alternative for consideration.
(Region 1 - Enforcement - 07/14/2014)
Over the past month, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) has solicited for volunteer applicants to fill four slots on the Region One Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is in its 19th year and was established to provide input and guidance to FWP from the public. This is a general advisory committee that works with FWP on all issues and programs. The Committee is advisory in nature and does not have decision-making responsibilities.
(Region 1 - Education - 07/14/2014)
The boat ramp at McWenneger Slough Fishing Access Site will be closed starting Monday July 14th for repairs. The project will put in a concrete boat ramp to replace the rutted and bumpy gravel ramp. The rest of the site will remain open. The ramp will be closed periodically during the period from July 14th to August 15th. For questions, call Tony Powell, Fishing Access Site Coordinator, at 751-4423.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/11/2014)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, is seeking public comment for the Otter Island Fisheries Conservation Area Additions Draft EA, a proposal to acquire 19.72 acres of island habitats along the Flathead River. If acquired, these parcels will be added to the existing Otter Island FCA that is located along the west side of the mainstem Flathead River, about 1.5 miles east of downtown Kalispell.
(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife - 07/11/2014)