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Mountain Lions

Mountain lion

Most Montanans live all their lives without a glimpse of a mountain lion, much less a confrontation with one. Many who have seen a lion describe the experience as catching a fleeting glimpse of something that is more shadow than reality.

Human encounters with lions are on the rise in states such as California and Colorado where housing is pushing into traditional lion habitat and increasing numbers of people are recreating in lion country. In Montana, human encounters with lions remain rare.

Wildlife managers have analyzed human/lion encounters in the past several years and identified some consistent lion behaviors and appropriate human responses that may reduce the duration and severity of a potential lion attack.

Recreating in mountain lion country

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What to do if you encounter a mountain lion

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Using bear pepper spray to deter mountain lions

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Living with mountain lions

The more knowledge you have about living with mountain lions, their history in Montana, and their specific characteristics, the more comfortable and safe you will be in mountain lion country. Learn more