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Living in Montana is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are probably everyday occurrences to most folks who grew up here, but may be foreign to new residents and visitors. One such responsibility is living and recreating with the wildlife that share the landscape.

People who live in large cities are very aware of unwritten rules, such as what part of town is safe to walk in after dark, or what color of clothing shouldn't be worn. This kind of information helps people function and live safely in these places. The same is true here in Montana, especially when encountering the many wild creatures that share the landscape with us. For example, knowledge about how to behave in a situation when encountering a moose is important not only for human safety, but also for the well-being of the animal.

We have gone directly to the "wildlife experts" and asked them to help us develop a better understanding and comfort level about how to behave around some of the wild animals that people tell us they often fear. Several wildlife species are featured with a brief background about the expert and their dedication to the resource. Hopefully, the information from this site will help you stay safe and develop a positive level of comfort when living and recreating in this last best place!

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Mountain Lions

Mountain Lion