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Dressing Your Feet

Choose the right shoes and socks for your activity.

Your feet will carry you to, from, and probably through your outdoor activities so treat them well. The correct shoes and socks will keep your feet comfortable and happy. You can find a large variety of both at most sporting goods stores. If in doubt, talk to the sales person about the appropriate gear for your activity.

Shoes or boots

The correct shoes will depend on the activity you are doing. When you're hiking you want a boot with a good tread and good support. If you will be in cold weather you will want more insulation and possibly a water resistant or water proof boot. If you will be boating you will want a shoe that is intended to get wet, that also has good support and tread so you don't slip in the boat or while walking in the water. Many activities have shoes specific to that activity.


Your choice in socks can make or break your outting too. Like the rest of your clothing, they come in a variety of fabrics. The right socks can make the keep you warm, comfortable, and blister free.