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Boating Safety

Because many different types of recreators may be sharing a boating area, show respect by operating at safe speeds and keeping an adequate distance from others. Due to their limited maneuverability, give sailboats and other non-motorized craft a wide berth. Remember, you are responsible for any damage your boat, or the wake from your boat, may cause.

Boating Education

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Cold Water Immersion

Immersion in cold water can kill in just minutes—the colder the water, the greater the risk. One's swimming ability does not improve one's chances of survival. Learn more

Drinking and Boating

It is illegal and dangerous to operate a motorboat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This award winning video shows real life consequences when some people choose to drink alcohol and then operator a personal watercraft. Watch video

Loading Pasengers & Gear

Here you will find a few safety tips about loading your boat. Learn more


FWP Outdoor Reports

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Boating Safety Brochures, Posters & Forms

Boating Organizations