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Because many different types of recreators may be sharing a boating area, show respect by operating at safe speeds and keeping an adequate distance from others. Due to their limited maneuverability, give sailboats and other non-motorized craft a wide berth. Remember, you are responsible for any damage your boat, or the wake from your boat, may cause.

Boating Education

Find boating education information and classes in Montana. [Learn more]

Cold Water Immersion

Immersion in cold water can kill in just minutes—the colder the water, the greater the risk. One's swimming ability does not improve one's chances of survival. [Learn more]

Drinking and Boating

It is illegal and dangerous to operate a motorboat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This award winning video shows real life consequences when some people choose to drink alcohol and then operator a personal watercraft. [Watch videoBoating under the influence ]

Boater's Checklist

Use a checklist as a guide before you launch your watercraft.

Motorized vessels checklist (motorboats & PWC)
[Web page | Printable version (Motoroized Boating Checklist 44 KB)]

U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Safety Checklist
[Printable version (Motoroized Boating Checklist 127 KB) ]

Loading Pasengers & Gear

Here you will find a few safety tips about loading your boat. [Learn more]


FWP Outdoor Reports

The FWP Video Library offers short videos about boating safety.

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Boating Safety Brochures, Posters & Forms
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