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Stay Safe Outdoors

Safe recreation

Montana is a great place to explore and enjoy. Whether you seek the mountains, plains, or areas in between, Big Sky Country will give you a lifetime of adventures and memories. We'd like to encourage you to get out and discover your very own "big backyard." There's no place like Montana, and the opportunities you have are second to none.

To make sure you can enjoy your adventures to the fullest, we've prepared some suggestions for you on the outdoors. Montana is a wild place, and being unprepared can put you in challenging situations. Most of these situations can be prevented easily if you have some basic outdoor knowledge, skill, and awareness. These pages on staying safe outdoors will help you be prepared.

Safe recreation

Discover your "big backyard."

If you feel you're not ready for the outdoor challenge, please ask a family member or friend for some help. Even consider asking them to be in charge of leading a hike, setting up camp, or any other activity. Many Montanans are seasoned and experienced outdoor enthusiasts who readily share their insights and perspectives. Don't hesitate to ask! There are also great resources in the form of books and online references.