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Upper Bitterroot and West Fork Bitterroot River

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Bitterroot River

A permit is required for commercial fishing and floating on the West Fork of the Bitterroot and a portion of the upper Bitterroot (Hannon Memorial FAS to Wally Crawford FAS). Permitted outfitters will be limited to two launches in each section of the upper river and West Fork. Each section will also have a non-commercial day. There is no permit required of the general recreating public but there are special angling and boating restrictions that apply to nonresidents and commercial outfitters.

Call (406) 542-5564 for more information.

NOTE — Floating of any kind is prohibited on Fridays in Section 1 from July 1-September 15 and in all sections there is a non-commercial day from June 1- September 15. The sections and their rules are as follows:

Section 1: Painted Rocks Dam to Applebury Site (11 miles) — Floating of any kind (commercial and non-commercial) is prohibited on Fridays from July 1-September 15.

Section 2: Applebury Site to Trapper Creek Job Corps Site (8 miles) — Float outfitting prohibited on Saturdays.

Section 3: Trapper Creek Job Corps Site to Hannon Memorial Site (8 miles) — Float outfitting prohibited on Sundays.

Section 4: Hannon Memorial Site to Wally Crawford Site (9 miles) — Float outfitting prohibited on Mondays.