Madison River Management Plan

The Madison River is world-renowned for the quality of its trout fishing and is often the most heavily fished river in the state. River related recreation is enjoyed by Montanans and visitors alike. The river is important to the local economy and benefits fishing outfitters, tackle shops, motels, restaurants, and other area businesses.

The popularity of the Madison River has affected the quality of the recreation experience for some people. Their concerns include congestion on the river and at access sites, conflicts between user groups, trespass on private property, and littering.

To ensure the Madison continues to meet the expectations of its many visitors, FWP is developing a recreation management plan for the river. The plan will guide future management decisions with a goal of providing a variety of quality recreation for a diverse public while protecting the resources in the river and on adjacent uplands. The plan will identify actions to address social conflicts where needed.

FWP anticipates the planning process will take place throughout 2012 with a final plan adopted in 2013. There will be ample opportunities for people to participate in the planning process and information and updates will be provided on this web page.

Next Step: Preparation of Draft Plan and EA

FWP will prepare a draft management plan and environmental analysis document that assesses the predicted impacts of the plan. These documents will be posted on this web page for public review and comment. The final plan will be based on the committee's recommendations, input from the public, consideration of environmental impacts, and input from staff.