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Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Many hunting opportunities exist in Montana for hunters with disabilities. Hunters are encouraged to check the regulations for special permits and other available opportunities. Many state-owned properties, conservation easements, and block management areas provide excellent hunting opportunities. Some private landowners are willing to allow disabled hunters access, and some national forests allow disabled hunters access behind locked gates. Due to annual changes, disabled hunters are encouraged to call local Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional offices and individual national forests for specific information.

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

An informational brochure that provides information about hunting and fishing opportunities for those with disabilities. This brochure includes information about applying for hunting and fishing licenses and permits.

Crossing the Barriers—Opportunities for Those with Disabilities 37 KB

FWP Lands

Accessible wildlife appreciation areas and interpretive displays have been developed for vehicular or nonvehicular travel at several wildlifes management areas (WMAs).

Ninepipe WMA

The Ninepipe WMA improvements included a hard-surface interpretive trail, parking pad, and accessible vault toilet.

Canyon Ferry WMA

Canyon Ferry WMA provides a path with interpretive signs and accessible parking.

Freezout Lake WMA

Freezout Lake Wildlife Management Area has an accessible hunting blind and picnic area. A vehicular route through the WMA is open except for hunting season. This area can be utilized by both the hearing and seeing impaired to learn more about its bird life.