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Licenses & Permits

A number of licenses for disabled persons are available at a reduced fee. In addition, some special hunting permits have been established for those with disabilities.

State Parks Biennial Fee Rule

The State Parks Biennial Fee Rule, Section VIII, provides for disabled residents to receive a 50% discount on camping fees.


Person With Disabilities Applications

2020 Resident with a Disability Conservation License Application—Residents only

32 KB

You must be permanently and substantially disabled to qualify for this license. Applications are available online to print or at FWP offices. These licenses are not available to nonresidents. Learn more

2020 Permit to Modify Archery Equipment Application

32 KB

Guidelines for those authorized with a Permit to Modify Archery Equipment

24 KB

2020 Permit to Hunt from a Vehicle Application

31 KB

Guidelines for those authorized with a Permit to Hunt From a Vehicle (PTHFV)

63 KB

Permit To Hunt from a Vehicle

This permit authorizes the permit-holder to hunt from a vehicle wherever vehicular traffic is allowed and permission to hunt is authorized. The permit holder must be accompanied by a  companion who is able to assist in immediately dispatching, field dressing and retrieving any game animal wounded or killed. This permit DOES NOT provide any automatic waiver or exemption from travel restrictions imposed by a private landowner or land management agency.

Permit To Modify Archery Equipment

This permit allows a person with a disability to use modified archery tackle that supports the bow, and draws, holds, and releases the string to accommodate the individual's disability. The permit holder must have a companion to assist in aspects of the hunt.  The companion may also assist the permit holder by hunting (by the legal use of archery equipment only) a game animal that has been wounded by the permit holder when the hunter with a disability is unable to pursue and kill the wounded animal. Crossbows may not be used during archery season.

Resident with a Disability Conservation License

This license allows disabled Montana residents to obtain a Conservation License for $8. Allows for the purchase of a General Deer, a General Elk, Fishing and Upland Game Bird licenses at half cost.

Resident Lifetime Fishing License for the Blind

A Montana resident who is blind can purchase a lifetime fishing license for $10. The application for this license is available from FWP and requires medical certification. A Conservation License is not a prerequisite for this license.