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Nonprofit Organizations


Montana Wilderness Association

Since 1958, the Montana Wilderness Association has worked to protect Montana’s wilderness, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Some of their influence has been instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Wilderness Act and designation of wilderness areas in Montana. They have also helped with designation of Wild and Scenic areas of the Missouri and Flathead Rivers. Check out this Web site to learn about some current issues concerning Montana’s wildlands. Learn more


American Recreation Coalition

This Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization was developed in 1979 to support public/private partnerships in order to ensure and protect recreational opportunities and resources. ARC conducts research, organizes national conferences, and provides recreation information through newsletters and other forms of media. Learn more

National Recreation and Park Association

This group has been promoting local park systems and healthy, active American lifestyles for over 40 years. Members of NRPA can help make a difference and impact issues concerning urban/suburban park communities. Learn more