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Commercial Bait Seining Waters


Mon Nov 18 23:59:00 MST 2013

FWP is taking comments on the list of waters currently approved for commercial bait seining, along with 20 proposed deletions and one proposed addition to the list. See the attached document for details. A bait fish seining license is required for: 1) persons 15 years of age and older to seine for and transport bait fish for commercial purposes in Montana; and 2) for any person who seines for and has in their possession more than 24 dozen non-game bait fish.

Contact Information

FWP will take comment from November 19-December 18, 2013. Comments may be submitted online or mailed to FWP-Fisheries Commercial Bait Seining Rule P.O. Box 200701 Helena, MT 59620-0701

Public Comment

The public comment period for this public notice ended on Wed Dec 18 23:59:00 MST 2013.