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Commercial Fishing Regulation


Tue Feb 15 07:17:00 MST 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on proposed commercial fishing regulations on Lake Helena and Canyon Ferry Reservoir for harvesting carp and suckers. The proposed regulations for 2011 specify the areas where carp can be harvested and the process for reporting commercial operations to FWP prior to fishing. Special regulations from Jan. 1—June 30 would help protect nesting waterfowl on Lake Helena and prevent conflicts with recreational anglers on Canyon Ferry. The FWP Commission is authorized to approve one commercial fishing operation for each body of water and to set the regulations. Only one individual has applied for the 2011 commercial fishing permit to harvest carp from Canyon Ferry Reservoir and Lake Helena. FWP must receive comments by March 15.

Contact Information

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Fisheries Bureau 1420 East Sixth Ave., P.O. Box 200701 Helena, MT, 59620-070. 406-444-2449.

Public Comment

The public comment period for this public notice ended on Tue Mar 15 12:16:00 MDT 2011.