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Environmental Review - Gartside Reservoir Fish Introduction

Species Stocking


Gartside Reservoir (S16 of T21N R58E) is located in the Yellowstone River drainage on Crane Creek in Richland County, Montana. The 40-acre reservoir is owned and operated by Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP). Gartside has a maximum depth of 19 feet and receives its water from spring water leaching from the Crane Aquifer located ΒΌ mile upstream of the reservoir or from annual runoff. Channel Catfish from the Yellowstone River downstream of Intake Dam will be captured and transferred to Gartside Reservoir in September to October of 2019. The average size of existing prey fish species (mainly Bluegill and Yellow Perch) in Gartside Reservoir is small and anglers frequently complain that decent sized fish are rarely caught. The proposed fish transfer would be two-fold: 1-Channel Catfish will provide an additional angling opportunity within the reservoir, and 2- Channel Catfish will act as a biological control on the overabundant Bluegill and Yellow Perch through predation.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Attn: Mat Rugg P.O. Box 1630 Miles City, MT 59301 234-0900

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The public comment period for this public notice ended on Friday, August 30, 2019.