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Draft Environmental Review of Fish Introduction-Tunis Reservoir

Species Stocking

Tue Feb 07 20:23:00 MST 2012

Tunis Reservoir is located on private land on the west side of Highway 87 near the railroad siding of Tunis approximately seven miles west of Fort Benton. Public access to this reservoir is gained through an agreement between the landowner and Montana FWP that involves reasonable public access in exchange for FWP stocking the reservoir with fish. Water levels in the reservoir fluctuate. In years when water levels are high, the reservoir can provide reasonably good fishing. As of January 2012, the reservoir water levels are high. Montana FWP plans to stock the reservoir periodically with largemouth bass to improve angling opportunity and angling quality. The reservoir is 5-7 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 11 feet. This reservoir has been stocked since 1929 with coho salmon, brook trout, channel catfish and rainbow trout. FWP is proposing to stock largemouth bass in order to maximize angling quality in this fishery.

Contact Information

Paul Hamlin Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 4600 Giant Springs Road Great Falls MT 59405.

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