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Mount Haggin WMA Forest Management Plan


Wed Apr 04 13:24:00 MDT 2012

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) proposes to remove standing dead and green beetle-infested lodgepole pine from select areas on Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in order to reduce road- and trailside hazard trees. Merchantable dead and dying timber will be removed from certain expanded road- and trailside units in order to cover costs of the project, such as removal of noncommercial trees, road improvements, and weed control. Funds generated in excess of project costs will be applied to the WMA’s several maintenance and habitat projects such as fence removal, erosion control, and interpretative signs.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Mount Haggin Forest Comments 1820 Meadowlark Lane Butte, MT 59701

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