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Rattlesnake Creek Dam Removal Project—Draft EA

Development, Improvements, and Enhancements


The City of Missoula acquired the approximately 45-acre lower Rattlesnake Creek Dam property and associated infrastructure and water rights in 2017. FWP, the City, and Trout Unlimited then developed a partnership to evaluate and implement mitigation options for the deteriorating dam structure on lower Rattlesnake Creek, located in Missoula on the lower mainstem, approximately 3.5 miles upstream from the confluence with the Clark Fork River. The partnership evaluated the current condition of the dam and associated facilities and developed a range of conceptual alternatives for managing site infrastructure while incorporating ecological restoration of the stream corridor and affected areas. A Draft EA describes the proposal. The proposed action (Alternative 3) is an active restoration option that would include full dam infrastructure removal, reconstruction of the creek and floodplain to tie in 200-feet downstream of the dam, raising the channel profile to improve floodplain connection, construction of off‐channel habitat features, and revegetation of the constructed streambanks, floodplain and disturbed areas.

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