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Redwater River Fish Passage Enhancement Project - Environmental Assessment

Development, Improvements, and Enhancements

Fri Jul 12 20:17:00 MDT 2013

The Future Fisheries Improvement Program is proposing to provide partial funding to a project calling for the replacement of a series of undersized culverts located at the Nickwall county road crossing on the Redwater River with four, 12-foot wide by 5-foot tall, box culverts. The road crossing currently consists of four, 24-inch diameter, culverts perched above the streambed. These existing culverts act as barriers to upstream fish passage for numerous species of warm water fish, except during the very highest flows. The intent of this project is to improve upstream fish passage on the Redwater River for fish residing in the lower Missouri River. The project site is located on the Redwater River, a tributary to the Missouri River, approximately 4 miles south of the town of Poplar in McCone County.

Contact Information

Mark Lere, Program Officer Habitat Protection Bureau Fisheries Division e-mail:

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