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South Woodward Creek Bridge Restoration Project Draft EA

Development, Improvements, and Enhancements

Tue Jan 15 13:24:00 MST 2013

The Future Fisheries Improvement Program is proposing to provide partial funding to a project calling for the repair of a structurally failing bridge located on South Woodward Creek. The abutments on this bridge are failing and there is a risk of mass wasting and subsequent delivery of a substantial quantity of fine sediment into the stream. South Woodward Creek, a tributary located in the Swan River drainage, is an important spawning and rearing tributary for Swan Lake bull trout. This potential influx of sediment could smother bull trout spawning and rearing habitat. The project site is located approximately 12 miles east of the town of Polson in Lake County. The property, currently owned by The Nature Conservancy, is in the process of being conveyed to the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Contact Information

Mark Lere, Program Officer Habitat Protection Section Fisheries Bureau e-mail:

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