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Lost Creek In-stream Flow Enhancement Project Draft EA

Development, Improvements, and Enhancements

Tue Jan 15 12:47:00 MST 2013

The Future Fisheries Improvement Program is proposing to provide funding to secure a 2-year diversion reduction agreement between the Lampert Ranch and the Clark Fork Coalition to enhance in-stream flow in lower Lost Creek, a tributary to the Clark Fork River. The agreement would involve the water user foregoing late summer irrigation by shutting down the head gate after July 5 for the next 2 years. The expectation is that this agreement would act as a pilot project that would lead to a long-term in-stream flow lease. Lower Lost Creek is commonly dewatered downstream of the Beckstead ditch during the late summer, essentially severing migratory connectivity to the Clark Fork River. This project would involve shutting down the Beckstead ditch located on Lost Creek. The ditch head gate is located on the Lampert Ranch approximately one mile south of the community of Galen in Township 5 North, Range 9 West, Section 6 in Deer Lodge County.

Contact Information

Mark Lere, Program Officer Habitat Section Fisheries Bureau e-mail:

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