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Blackleaf WMA Grazing Lease EA

Development, Improvements, and Enhancements

Mon Feb 27 14:05:00 MST 2012

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) propose to lease approximately 3200 acres of the 9000 acre Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area (BLWMA) near Bynum, Montana for cattle grazing to better manage vegetation for wildlife cover and forage. This one year lease would allow cattle grazing during the period June 1 through August 31 in 2012. This grazing conforms with a 4-year rest-rotation pasture system that has effectively been implemented and practiced for each of the last 8 years on the Area.

Contact Information

Blackleaf WMA Grazing Lease Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 4600 Giant Springs Road Great Falls MT 59405

Public Comment

The public comment period for this public notice ended on Thu Mar 15 17:00:00 MDT 2012.