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Beartooth WMA Grazing EA Package

Acquisitions, Trades & Leases

Wed Feb 13 14:29:00 MST 2013

The enclosed draft Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared regarding a potential grazing lease renewal on the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area (BTWMA). The 32,000 acre WMA is located in west central Montana along the western and northern edge of the Big Belt Mountains, occupying land in both Lewis and Clark and Cascade Counties. Questions and comments on the EA will be accepted through March 8, 2013. The proposed grazing lease would allow cattle to be utilized as a management tool to remove residual vegetation, thus enhancing the availability and palatability of elk and mule deer forage on that portion of the WMA to be grazed. This portion of the WMA has been successfully grazed in a similar fashion with adjacent and cooperating lessee Sieben Live Stock Company for 21 years as part of a larger 3-pasture rest-rotation grazing system on 21,440 acres.

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Please send any written comments to the following address: Beartooth WMA Grazing EA Comments Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 4600 Giant Springs Rd. Great Falls, MT 59405 Or email comments to:

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The public comment period for this public notice ended on Fri Mar 08 23:59:00 MST 2013.