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Grant Marsh WMA Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Thu Mar 09 10:06:44 MST 2017

Purchase of the proposed 425-acre Grant Marsh WMA Addition will maintain this property in open space while providing for public enjoyment of this landscape. Given the high value placed on Bighorn River recreational properties, if this property is not purchased by FWP, it is likely that either subdivision or exclusive access interests will acquire the property, and opportunities for habitat protection and public enjoyment of this landscape could be lost. After review of this proposal and the Environmental Assessment, and listening to and addressing comments made by the public, as well as considering the significant public support for this project, it is my decision to proceed with acquiring the property known as the Grant Marsh Addition from JTX Properties and Darell & Robin Tunnicliff, subject to approval by the FWP Commission and the Montana Board of Land Commissioners. As such, I select Alternative B - Proposed Action, as identified in the EA. Through the Proposed Action, FWP would secure public access to 425 acres on this property including approximately 2 miles of Bighorn River shoreline. The project will conserve animal and plant species biodiversity and important wildlife habitats that exist on these lands, including riparian, native grasslands, and native shrub lands. The draft version of the EA, this Decision Notice, and the draft Management Plan serve as the final documents for this proposal. Barb S. Beck Region 5 Supervisor Billings, MT