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Twelve Mile FAS Willow Soil Lift Project Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Tue Feb 26 14:56:00 MST 2013

This Decision Notice has been prepared for the Twelve Mile FAS Willow Soil Lift Project. The scope of this project is to stabilize a portion of the Pumpkin Creek bank that significantly eroded during flooding in the spring of 2011 with layered soil, willows, and biodegradable fabric. This action should result in restoration of the bank and establishment of a willow and native grass plant community that will improve fish and wildlife habitat at the fishing access site. Based on the analysis in the Environmental Assessment (EA) and the applicable laws, regulations and policies, we have determined that this action will not have a significant effect on the natural or human environment. Therefore, an Environmental Impact Statement will not be prepared. It is our decision to implement the proposed action, and proceed with the work identified. By notification of this Decision Notice, the draft EA is hereby made the final EA without any modifications or additions.

Contact Information

Caleb Bollman Region 7 Fisheries Biologist P.O. Box 1630 Miles City, MT 59301 234-0914