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Sixteenmile Creek Fishing Access Site

Decision Notices

Thu Jul 19 08:31:00 MDT 2012

The enclosed Decision Notice has been prepared for the Sixteenmile Creek Fishing Access Site. The notice proposes to acquire 89.16 acres of land along a five-mile stretch of abandoned Milwaukee Railroad right-of-way approximately one mile west of Highway 89 and one-half mile west of Ringling, Montana, for the purpose of developing a day use fishing access site (FAS) on Sixteenmile Creek. FWP also proposes to construct a parking area for approximately eight vehicles at the eastern end of the property, an access road to and fencing around the parking area, installation of a vault latrine, and directional and informational signs. One hundred forty-six public comments were received during the June 30 to July 30, 2010, and April 1 to April 30, 2012, comment periods. It is my decision to proceed with the proposed project, with no changes to the Draft EA.

Contact Information

Ray Heagney Sixteenmile FAS 1400 S 19th Avenue Bozeman, MT 59718 Or e-mailed to: