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Newlan Creek Reservoir FAS Phase II Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Wed Jun 20 14:27:00 MDT 2012

In 1997, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (MFWP) entered into an agreement with the Meagher County Newlan Creek Water District to provide public recreational use of Newlan Reservoir and establishing a fishing access site (FAS). MFWP proposed to develop Newlan Creek Reservoir FAS in two phases. Phase I was completed in 2001, which included an entrance road and parking area, access roads through Camp Loops A and B, a boat launch, and three latrines. MFWP proposes to develop Phase II, which would include improvement of gravel access roads and development of designated campsites throughout Camp Loops A and B and the areas known as Big Point and Little Point, construction of a designated gravel parking area near the upper end of the reservoir, construction of a gravel boat access on Little Point, relocation of a vault latrine from the existing parking area to Big Point, possibly locating another vault latrine at Little Point or Headwaters and additional regulatory and informational signs. Phase II development of Newlan Creek Reservoir FAS would improve recreational opportunities by allowing additional opportunities for camping, boating and fishing. The proposed development reduces public safety hazards and degradation to fish and wildlife habitats due to pioneered roads and campsites, as well as improved sanitation by relocating and adding latrines. A draft Environmental Assessment (EA) was available for public comment from March 29 to May 12, 2012. Two comments were received. Based on public comments, there were no modifications to the draft EA, the draft EA and the decision notice serve as the final documents for this proposed action, and MFWP has decided to implement the proposed action.