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Mount Haggin Forestry Management Plan Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Tue May 08 12:53:00 MDT 2012

A Decision Notice has been prepared for the Mount Haggin Forest Management Project Environmental Assessment. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) proposes to remove standing dead and green beetle-infested lodgepole pine from select areas on Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in order to reduce road- and trailside hazard trees. Merchantable dead and dying timber will be removed from certain expanded road- and trailside units in order to cover costs of the project including removal of noncommercial trees, road improvements, and weed control.

Contact Information

Fish, Wildlife & Parks Vanna Boccadori 1820 Meadowlark Lane Butte, MT 59701 Or e-mailed to: