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Tunis Reservoir Largemouth Bass Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Thu Mar 29 09:57:00 MDT 2012

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks proposes to stock largemouth bass in a reservoir on private land near Tunis, approximately seven miles west of Fort Benton. Public access to this reservoir is gained through an agreement between the landowner and Montana FWP that involves reasonable public access in exchange for FWP stocking the reservoir with fish. Montana FWP plans to stock the reservoir periodically with largemouth bass to improve angling opportunity and angling quality. This reservoir has been stocked since 1929 with coho salmon, brook trout, channel catfish and rainbow trout. FWP is proposing to stock largemouth bass in order to maximize angling quality in this fishery. Comments were accepted starting February 7, 2012 when the EA was posted on the FWP website. No comments have been received. Based on the EA, benefits and risks associated with this project, it is my decision that there would be no significant impacts on the human and physical environments associated with this project. It is my decision to proceed with the proposed action to stock largemouth bass in Tunis Reservoir. The draft EA together with this decision notice will serve as the final documents for this proposal.