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Park County Bison IBMP Decision Notice

Decision Notices


The attached Decision Notice has been prepared to approve the implementation of the 2011 adaptive management adjustments to the IBMP. The following adaptive management adjustments would be implemented for the IBMP, while other aspects of the IBMP and previous adaptive management adjustments would continue to be implemented. • Allow bison on habitat on FS and other lands north of the park boundary and south of Yankee Jim Canyon until May 1. Bison would not be allowed north of the hydrological divide (i.e., mountain ridge-tops) between Dome Mountain/Paradise Valley and the Gardiner Basin on the east side of the Yellowstone River, and Tom Miner basin and the Gardiner Basin on the west side of the Yellowstone River (see Map #2 in the environmental assessment). • Trailer up to 300 female and calf bison testing negative for brucellosis from the Stephens Creek capture facility to a double-fenced quarantine facility in Corwin Springs for holding until release back into Yellowstone National Park (YNP) in spring as necessary. • Evaluate the effects of these adjustments and modify as necessary to prevent bison from occupying lands north of the hydrological divide and minimize the risk of transmission of brucellosis to livestock.

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