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East Fork Gate Repair Decision Record

Decision Notices

Wed Dec 21 13:16:00 MST 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) received a 124 permit Joint Application from the City of Lewistown (the City) that describes a proposed project to drain East Fork Reservoir to repair the damaged gate stem on the upstream face of East Fork Dam. FWP completed a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) as part of the Stream Preservation Act (124) review on behalf of the City to meet the requirements of the Montana Environmental Policy Act(MEPA). The EA was available for comment on the FWP web site from June 21 to July 22, 2011. One comment in support of the project as described was received. Five comments were received that opposed the drawdown as proposed. Based on the Environmental Assessment, public comment, and benefits and risks associated with this project as well as the ability to mitigate the potentially significant impacts by implementing the drawdown and refilling plans submitted by the City Of Lewistown and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the decision was that there would be no significant impacts on the human and physical environments associated with this project if mitigation measures are required as conditions in the 124 Permit. The EA is the appropriate level of analysis and no modifications to the Draft Environmental Assessment are necessary based on comments, and the Draft EA and together with this Decision Notice, will serve as the final MEPA documents for this permitting action.