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Wadsworth Reservoir Brook Trout and White Crappie Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Thu Apr 21 17:34:00 MDT 2011

Wadsworth Reservoir, located on the west edge of Great Falls, is 41.3 surface acres with a maximum depth of 15.3 feet. It has been stocked with largemouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye and yellow perch. A major water source is the Sun River, which has resulted in other fish such as white suckers, carp, pumpkinseed sunfish and black bullhead entering the reservoir infrequently. FWP proposed to stock brook trout and white crappie in order to maximize angling quality in this urban fishery. Both species are tolerant of high water temperatures and may fare better that the other species in the reservoir. White crappie can tolerate turbid water which occurs frequently in this body of water. Based on the department’s proposal which outlined the benefits and risks of stocking brook trout and white crappie in Wadsworth Reservoir and the fact that no public comments were received, it is my recommendation that the proposed action be implemented as described in the draft EA. Brook trout and white crappie will be stocked in Wadsworth Reservoir to improve angling opportunity and angling quality. The Draft Environmental Assessment, together with this decision notice, will serve as the final document for this proposal.

Contact Information

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