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West Shore State Park Timber Thinning Project

Decision Notices

Thu Feb 15 00:00:00 MST 2007

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has completed an environmental assessment (EA) for West Shore State Park for the purpose of a timber thinning project to restore the site to the historic stand structure of large, open, park-like stands. Objectives are to remove hazardous, diseased, and dead or dying trees; open the understory to promote health of ponderosa pine; reduce stress on trees due to competition for light, water, and nutrients; and reduce fuel loads, ladder fuels, and possibility of stand replacement fire in order to protect the park and adjacent private lands. Following a 30-day public review, there were three comments received, which are addressed in the attached decision notice. Alternative C, as set forth in this document, was found to be the selected alternative. There were no changes to the draft EA; therefore, the draft becomes the final EA. Please direct questions or comments to Jerry Sawyer at (406) 751-4575 or e-mail to