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Indian Fort FAS - Decision Notice

Decision Notices

Mon Mar 20 00:00:00 MST 2006

The boat ramp at Indian Fort has been unusable since the 1990’s, as the river undercut the bank below the concrete ramp during high flows, causing it to buckle. Without a useable ramp at Indian Fort FAS, a boater launching upstream at Pelican FAS must travel 32 river miles downstream to Itch-Ke-Pe FAS to take out. Because of this failure, boaters with trailered boats have either avoided using Indian Fort FAS or used pioneered hand-launch sites on adjacent land not owned by FWP. Montana FWP would like to restore motorized boat access to the Yellowstone River at Indian Fort and proposes to remove and replace the existing unusable boat ramp. Indian Fort FAS is an important point of access for the public to the Yellowstone River. The lack of a usable boat ramp at this FAS has forced the public to concentrate use at other FAS’ in the area and to pioneer boat launches on adjacent DNRC property.