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Conservation Easements

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Coal Creek Conservation Easement Draft EA


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has prepared a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposal to purchase two separate and distinct but overlapping perpetual Conservation Easements (CEs) totaling 10,072.22 deeded acres in Custer and Prairie Counties, Montana. The proposed easements will be referred to as the “Coal Creek Conservation Easement”. The reason for two separate CEs, rather than one single CE, is to take advantage of available funding sources, which have somewhat unique requirements. The first CE would utilize primarily NRCS Agricultural Lands Easements (ALE) funding. The ALE program does not fit well for areas under tillage agriculture. Therefore, the ALE CE would not include land with a tillage history. The second CE would utilize Habitat Montana dollars (derived from the sale of hunting licenses) to fund the remaining acres but would encumber the entire property to ensure that the land remains in a single unit in the future. Both CEs would be administered by FWP. A Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is available for review and public comment.

(Region 7 - Conservation Easements)

Antelope Coulee Conservation Easement Draft Environmental Assessment


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has prepared for your review a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposal to purchase a conservation easement totaling 9,706 acres in Treasure County, Montana. The proposed easement will be referred to as the “Antelope Coulee Conservation Easement”. The Land is located north of Hysham along the Yellowstone River and is in FWP’s Administrative Region 7, Deer/Elk Hunting District 701. The Antelope Coulee Conservation Easement is adjacent to the FWP Isaac Homestead Wildlife Management Area and publicly accessible DNRC land. The Amelia Island Wildlife Management Area and Amelia Island Fishing Access Site are directly across the Yellowstone River from the proposed Easement on the south shore. Conservation easements are partnerships between FWP and willing private landowners to conserve wildlife habitats and provide public recreational access. The landowner receives financial compensation in exchange for adopting the conservation and public access covenants of the easement while continuing to operate their agricultural operation. The overall intent of the project is to conserve and enhance wildlife habitat and provide public access to the land in perpetuity while maintaining traditional agricultural land uses.

(Region 7 - Conservation Easements)

Decision Notice Kootenai Forestlands Conservation Project


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is recommending that the Fish and Wildlife Commission approve the purchase of a conservation easement on the Kootenai Forestlands Conservation Project. FWP released a draft EA for public comment from May 30 to June 29, 2019, and held a public hearing in Libby on June 12. FWP received 12 public comments that are addressed in the decision notice.

(Region 1 - Conservation Easements)


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